Population: 106,766 (population of Aruba 2020)

Capital: Oranjestad

Language: Papiamento, Dutch (official), Spanish, English (general)

Currency: Aruban florin (AWG)

Aruba is a small island-state washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea. This stunningly beautiful place is often called “Caribbean Holland”. The island is famous for its white sands and picturesque coral reefs. Water sports are also very common here – whether it’s standup paddleboarding in calm waters or kitesurfing on the windy coast. Aruba has experienced many shipwrecks, so diving is excellent there.

The landscapes of this amazing country are distinguished by their sharp contrast. In the National Park “Arikok”, located on the northern coast of the island, you will be introduced to the landscape features of the island, you can see sand dunes, cliffs, caves, exotic plants: divi-divi trees, quihi, thickets of palms and cacti.

Hiking and cycling is a great alternative to a jeep. Considering that there are many wellness practices here, such as tai chi and yoga, a visit to Aruba is good for both body and soul.

How to get here

International airport. Queen Beatrice of Aruba has regular flights to the Americas. Connections to Europe are provided by daily flights from Amsterdam and weekly flights from the United Kingdom.

Cruise ships arrive in the capital Oranjestad.

An unforgettable experience

  • Immerse yourself in the island’s amazing atmosphere during Carnival, an annual national holiday that takes place between January and February. Visit the new museum in Sint Nicholas dedicated to the history of the carnival.
  • Walk or cycle through the rocky and cactus-clad landscapes of Arikok National Park to the wave-torn east coast. Plunge into one of the natural pools and see the rock carvings of the first inhabitants of the island – Kaketios.
  • When mentioning Aruba, picturesque beaches are imagined, but by submerging in crystal clear waters, divers can reach the Antila submarine wreck and enjoy a unique diving experience in two sunken aircraft that have turned into artificial reefs.
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Duration: 1 week

  • Discover the culture of the island in the colonial capital of Oranjestad.
  • Explore the waters of the rugged north by kayak or stand-up paddle boarding in front of the impressive California Lighthouse, before enjoying the sunset and enchanting starfall among the deserted California dunes.
  • Venture through the Arikok National Park, from arid and aloe-covered splendor to the rugged azure coastline.
  • Experience the artistic nature of Aruba at Sint Nicholas, where the streets are decorated with colorful frescoes and the Cosecha Creative Center hosts workshops and sells works by local artists.

When to go

Aruba is below the hurricanes belt, but showers and storms are common between September and December.

In January and February you can see the streets come alive and fill with costume processions and parades in connection with the carnival, and in September, Aruba hosts an arts festival.

Despite the season being here all year round, house prices tend to go down from April to September.


View current AWG to USD exchange rate

You can exchange currency at bank offices. Credit and debit cards and traveller’s checks are accepted in most shops and hotels.

Banks are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm, some have no lunch break. The Bank of Aruba branch at the airport is open daily from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Also in Aruba, US dollars are universally accepted for payment.

You can familiarize yourself with the pricing policy below:

Restaurants prices

Markets prices

Transportation prices

Sports And Leisure prices

Childcare prices

Clothing And Shoes prices

Rent Per Month prices

Useful phone numbers


Unified telephone number of the rescue service: 911

Fire department: 582-11-08



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